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Pig racing is a sport in which juvenile pigs race around a small enclosed dirt, fake grass or gravel track. This racing is usually purely for entertainment, and betting is not part of it. It is often one of the attractions at county fairs.

Pig racing is most popular in the Southern United States. The city of Charlotte, North Carolina will occasionally host pig races before other sporting events. The annual Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo bills itself as the largest in the world, and the second-largest fair or festival of any kind in North America. Besides the pro rodeo events and livestock exhibitions, pig racing is featured. The minor league baseball team the St. Paul Saints host pig races at the stadium during select home games. Cresswell in Northumberland is the centre of pig racing in the United Kingdom. Grant Owens, 25, is the reigning champion.

The newest pig racing show traveling the USA is called Hot Dog Pig Races which included pig racing and dachshunds. You can find them at fairs and festivals such as Ocean County Fair NJ, Dundulk Heritage Festival MD, Pig Gig Bay City MI and the Magnet Festival in Portlaoise. Sue Wee Pigs and Ugly Pig Racing is another show traveling the USA.
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